AUTUMN OF THE DEMON (TV Show 12 eps x 47 min.)

Bulgaria |
2023 |
47 мин.

Script: Ivan Spasov
Director: Pavel G. Vesnakov
Cinematography: Ivan Vatzov, Nikolay Bekiarski
Cast: Teodora Duhovnikova, Vladimir Karamazov

Production: Dream Team Group – Evtim Miloshev
Co-production: Nova TV

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

Former police officers Mia and Philip find themselves in the medieval Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo, where a horrific wave of murders targeting prominent citizens unfolds. These heinous crimes bear the haunting mark of ritualistic executions, invoking dark methods from the annals of history. It becomes increasingly apparent that the enigmatic killer is orchestrating a sinister resurrection of medieval laws, effectively regaining control from a seemingly impotent state, incapable of administering true justice.

Pavel G. Vesnakov graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from New Bulgarian University in 2011, and a Master’s in Film Directing in 2014. He is an alumnus of the Berlinale and Sarajevo Talent Campuses. In recent years, Pavel G. Vesnakov directed the most watched and successful series on Bulgarian television.