Bulgaria |
2022 |
10 мин.

Script: Zhaklin Peicheva
Director: Devina Vassileva
Cinematography: Boyan Yanchev
Music: Milen Apostolov

Cast: Boris Krestev, Bogdan Miladinov, Marin Rangelov, Martin Milkov, Mihail Tzankov, Mikele Trifonov, Katerina Lipovska, Jivko Jouranov

Production: Producer With a Pen – Zhaklin Peicheva

Supported by the ICE Vape, САМИ-м, Handplayed, Dimel, B2Y, Grey Universe, Zarimex, Commerce MM and annonymous sponsor through crowdfunding

During intense interrogation, two young men come to understand that to win the game sometimes means to lose in real life. We follow Pepi, who has the task to keep the Password safely, locked behind his lips. However, Commander Gosho is set on winning and getting the password, no matter the cost.

Devina Vassileva is an actress, director and painter. She debuted with the short film “FriDgid” in 2021. In 2021, she graduated from Queen Mary University, London, with a Bachelor of Arts in “English and Drama”. She works as a director and marketing manager for Credo Theatre, Bulgaria.