Bulgaria |
2021 |
10 мин.

Script: Toto Mitovski
Director: Toto Mitovski
Cinematography: Stoyan Doychev

Cast: Samuil Garbov, Galya Kostadinova, Mariana Antonova, Martin Hristov, Cena Chompolova, Petrana Metanova

Production: Kristina Samsarova

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

In a forgotten Bulgarian village, Toma loses track of his mother, falls into oblivion and finds his death in a surrealist accident.

Festivals & Awards:

  • Sofia Film Festival 2022
  • National Festival of Bulgarian Cinema by the Union of Filmmakers “Vasil Gendov” 2022

Toto Mitovski is part of the youngest generation of film directors in Bulgaria. He was born in Plovdiv in 1993. Coming from an artistic background, he has been involved in the film industry since childhood. He graduated from NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov” with a degree in Film and Television Directing in 2020.