Bulgaria |
2023 |
90 мин.

Script: Yana Titova
Director: Yana Titova
Cinematography: Martin Balkansky
Cast: Margarita Stoykova, Petra Tsarnorechka, Jaklin Georgieva, Tsvetan Aleksiev, Anastasia Ingilizova, Ivan Barnev, Ema Terzieva, Silvia Lulcheva, Jana Yakovleva, Stoyan Doichev, Vasi Binev, Irmena Chichikova, Tania Shahova, Gergana Galabova, Kate Nichols, Petia Titova

Production: Portokal – Vanya Rainova, Alexander Alexiev, Nikolay Stoichkov
Co-production: No Blink, Sonus, Right Solutions – Svetlozar Georgiev, Todor G. Todorov

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center, Creative Europe MEDIA Programme, National Culture Fund Bulgaria

Smart, angry, self-reliant Dida (16) will stop at nothing to achieve a single tangible goal—to buy a plane ticket so that she can join her estranged mother in the USA. Dida steals, bullies and beats people up for ready cash. She is suspended from school and her pregnancy test reads positive. When it seems that things cannot get any worse, Dida realises her mother never intended to take her daughter to America with her. Dida’s world falls apart and there is no way back.

Yana Titova, a Berlinale Talents alumnus, graduated in Acting from the Bulgarian National Film and Theatre Academy. The moment she found herself on the other side of the camera, she took up filmmaking and completed a Master’s Degree in Directing. Titova’s acclaimed directorial debut, A Dose of Happiness (2019), topped the national box office and premiered worldwide on HBO.