Bulgaria |
2022 |
15 мин.

Script: Ben Clifford, Sirma Stoyanova
Director: Sirma Stoyanova
Cinematography: Petar Rayzhekov
Music: Artlist

Cast: Martin Taskov, Elleonora Ivanova, Zdravko Bryazov

Production: New Bulgarian University – Sirma Stoyanova

Supported by New Bulgarian University

An hour before the arrival of their guest, Antonio and Daria nervously prepare to celebrate their anniversary. Why are they so apprehensive? It is the first time either of them has done anything like this—a ‘ménage à trois’, as the French call it. The tension between them grows and, a moment before Mario’s appearance, it becomes clear that the present for their anniversary is not a threesome, but the sale of his organs.

Festivals & Awards: Official Selection in Best Student Fiction Category, 2023 In the Palace International Short Film Festival

Sirma Stoyanova graduated in Film and Television Directing from New Bulgarian University and continues her studies for an MA degree in Advertising Management and Visual Branding. For Dummies is her graduation film.