Bulgaria |
2023 |
93 мин.

Script: Nikolay Bogomilov – Timoteo, Vincent Molli
Director: Nikolay Bogomilov – Timoteo
Cinematography: Emil Topuzov
Music: Giya Kancheli, Johannes Brahms, J.S. Bach, Iannis Xenakis

Cast: Vincent Molli, Bayarma Bayarma, Neli Drenska, Adriana Dimova

Production: Ergana Films Production – Marika Tosheva, Nikolay Bogomilov – Timoteo, Angel Stavrev
Co-production: Doli Media Studio

Medieval France. The main character is a student who differs from others, as he writes poetry and is deeply religious. Together with a group of friends, he invades and trashes the public bathhouse as a place of vice. During the night, he is attacked and, killing one of his assailants, is forced to flee. He ends up in a fairy kingdom where the queen falls in love with him. They talk about their love—sometimes instead of the Queen, the poet sees Death in the image of an oriental beauty. The queen is dying and the poet remains in a state of tragic loneliness.

Nikolay Bogomilov – Timoteo graduated in Law from the Kliment Ohridski Sofia University, and later in Film Directing and Production from the All-union State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. He is the author of several short films screened and awarded at international festivals, as well as the documentary Bulgarianum (documentary tale), winner of the Best Foreign Language Documentary Award at the 2016 Milan IFF of World Cinema, and of other prestigious international prizes. La Belle Dame sans Merci is his feature debut.