Bulgaria |
2022 |
85 мин.

Script: Danzel Rebelowski
Director: Ivaylo Spasov
Cinematography: Dobromir Nikolov
Music: Kevin Bizardi

Cast: Mirena Petkova, Boris Kashev, Anna-Maria Cherneva, Svetoslav Yankov, Ivan Stefanov, Atanas Mihailov

Production: Spasov Brothers – Ivaylo Spasov

The film tells about the romantic story of Stella and Misho. Two young people met somewhere on the way to their future. They are brought together by chance but held back by fate, which has a path that everyone must take and travel until the its end.

Our heroes face many different obstacles, but the strength of their characters and fighting the odds together helps them stay on track.

Ivaylo Spasov is a Bulgarian director and producer. Among the films directed and produced by him are well-known “Nemesis” and “Relationship”. In 2021, Ivaylo directed two theater productions, the satirical comedies “Spiritual Broth with Potatoes” and “The White Raven”.