Bulgaria |
1977 |
125 мин.

Script: Nikolai Haitov
Director: Eduard Zahariev
Cinematography: Radoslav Spasov
Music: Kiril Donchev

Cast: Grigor Vachkov, Mariana Dimitrova, Pavel Popandov, Velko Kanev

Production: SFF „Boyana” – Hemus Creative Group

There were times, when stealing young unmarried women was a kind of craft. A craft that required from a man his honor and his dignity. Only the strongest, most experienced and bravest of men took the challenge. One such man was Banko, a pride mountaineer who took the task to steal pretty and hard-working Elitza.

He had to take her to a spineless and frail groom who believed he could buy anything and anybody with his money. Banko and his men stole Elitza. However, she turned out to be strong, opinionated and free-spirited and touched deeply Banko’s seemingly unfeeling heart.

Festivals & Awards:

  • Best camera – UBFM 1977
  • Golden Capricorn Grand Prix (Mariana Dimitrova) – Teheran IFF, Iran 1977
  • Best Actor (Grigor Vachkov), Best Actress (Mariana Dimitrova) – FBFF Varna 1978
  • Award for one of the three best festival films
  • FIPRESCI’s Honourable Mention – Antwerpen IFF, Belgium 1978