Bulgaria |
2023 |
15 мин.

Script: Elena Toncheva
Director: Roman Pessarov
Cinematography: Damian Dimitrov
Music: Angel Radev

Cast: Leonid Yovchev, Slavena Zaykova

Production: iFilm – Irina Gyurova

Supported by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria

Victor suffers from a rare neurological condition that prevents him from experiencing any sense of touch. Meeting Dia, a young dancer, he discovers that they are connected in a strange way, and he can feel everything she feels. Dia finds this bond intriguing and allows him to experience different sensations through her body.

Festivals & Awards: Selection: 2023 In the Palace International Short Film Festival

Roman Pessarov is a young film director with a strong passion for genre cinema and a mission to tell unconventional stories. Mirror Touch is his directorial debut.