Bulgaria |
2022 |
89 мин.

Script: Natalia Dukova
Director: Kaloian Paterkov
Cinematography: Kiril Prodanov
Music: Pavel Nikolov, Ivo Dobrv

Cast: Yana Marinova, Anatstasia Levordashka, Lily Sucheva, Vladislav Violinov, Andrey Stefanov, Emil Kostov, Kiril Kirilov, Atanas Mihaylov

Production: Cinema Academy for Talents – Zipo & Slash (Stoyan Stoyanov, Hristo Hristov)

In the modern world of noisy feasting and bodily necessities, a journalist invites to an interview three women with an interesting profession – they can be commissioned for regulatory relationships.

Their profession divides society in two. What can be sold besides a body – soul, life or love? Does the journalist want to understand their point of view or does he himself secretly desires the services the women offer?

Kaloyan M. Paterkov is a professional actor and director. He directed and wrote the script of the short films “Contrejour”, “Sms to Mom”, “Family”, “Money” and the documentary “The Graduates’ Tour”. The movie “Monsters” is his feature film debut.