Bulgaria |
2011 |
75 мин.

Script: Atanas Hristoskov, Yavor Mihaylov
Director: Atanas Hristoskov
Cinematography: Stefan Kutsarov
Music: Boris Changarov

Cast: Philip Avramov, Ivaylo Zahariev

Production: Bulgarian National Television; Incoms Project Production Company – Plamen Yordanov

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center


Two Sofia schools sharing the same building are embroiled in a savage feud. Alex and his friends deem the constant fighting with the elite school to be a social riot, while Stefan, the literature teacher, tries to show the boys there is another possible solution… But are they ready to trust him?

Atanas Hristoskov graduated in Film Direction from New Bulgarian University. His feature debut, No. 1 (Number One) won the 2011 Golden Rose Award for Best Bulgarian Feature Film. He scripted and directed the feature film 18 (2016) and the documentaries Stories Just Like the Movies (2016) and Childhood 2.0 (2023), and is currently completing his third feature film, Axis Of Life.