Bulgaria |
2023 |
28 мин.

Script: Hristo Bozadhizev, Vesa Avdzhieva-Boycheva
Director: Atanas Bonchev – Nakata
Cinematography: Hristo Bozadhizev

Cast: Mara Chapanova, Iva Dimitrova, Borislav Doichinov

Production: Bulgarian National Television

A young girl, recently graduated with a degree in journalism, faces the dysfunctional judicial system on her very first day at work. An elderly woman, struggling with bureaucracy, unwittingly falls into a media trap, herself becoming the news. Two destinies in a comically sad story about the decisions in life that determine our path: a reporter’s career, or the love for a fellow man‽ The news is—there is no news!

Atanas Bonchev graduated from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in 2000. He is known as a TV comedy actor, and has acted in numerous theatre performances. He acquired an additional degree in Film Directing to work more intensively with other actors, which is his particular strength, and is now a PhD student in Film Directing. His name stands behind some of the most popular series on Bulgarian television.