ROOF (1978)

Bulgaria |
1978 |
93 мин.

Script: Kancho Atanasov
Director: Ivan Andonov
Cinematography: Viktor Chichov
Music: Georgi Genkov

Cast: Petar Slabakov, Maria Statulova, Pepa Nikolova, Grigor Vachkov, Vasil Popiliev, Nina Stamova, Nadia Todorova

Production: Mladost Creative Team – Boyana Feature Films Studio

Maria Statulova at 70
Centenary of the Birth of Petar Slabakov

Kiril, a driver, and his wife Maria have been dreaming of a new house for a long time. On one of his runs ‘on the side’ transporting building materials on his lorry, Kiril gives a young woman a lift. It all starts off as a joke—the two meet in secret; their ‘sinful’ love takes them to the construction site of a new motorway, where they believe they will begin life anew. But circumstances drag them back. And, the unexpected ending: Kiril goes home to his family, while the young woman sets out again on her own to find happiness. Kiril’s neighbours and colleagues attend a small celebration—the house is finished, the roof is on.

Ivan Andonov was an established film actor and director. He is renowned for having directed many famous Bulgarian films, such as Ladies Choice, Dangerous Charm, Yesterday, and Adio, Rio, as well as for his roles in the films On the Small Island, Detour, and Ivan Kondarev. The winner of numerous film awards, he was also a painter and, particularly in his later years, he held over a dozen exhibitions.