Bulgaria |
2022 |
106 мин.

Script: Aleksander Chobanov, Kuzman Iliev, Ilian Scarlatov
Director: Georgi Kostov
Cinematography: Martin Dimitrov
Music: Maria Karakusheva, Ivan Shopov

Cast: Aleksander Aleksiev, Marian Valev, Darin Angelov, Radina Kardjilova, Dimitar Banenkin

Production: Korund-X Ltd. – Hristo Hristov, Nikolay Hristov
Co-Production: Magic Shop Ltd, Cadre Ltd, Zoom Art, Main Capital

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

The story of a young man who transformed himself from a university professor of Finance into one of Bulgaria’s most successful financial brokers.

Georgi Kostov was born in 1977 in Kazanlak. In 2005, he graduated from NATFA with a degree in Directing for cinema and TV. From 2000 to 2002, he works in Odavision Studio as an editor. He wrote the script and directed several music videos of the Horizont band. In 2003, he worked as a director in МSAT TV, and in 2005, he produced, wrote and directed the TV program “Top Gun” on VTV.

He has several short films to his credit. “Pistol, Briefcase and Three Stinking Barrels” is his feature film debut. He also directed the feature films “Sex Academy: Men” (2017), „Oparnichavite“ (“The Rebels”) (2019), „The Rest Is Ashes“ (2020).