Bulgaria |
2023 |
93 мин.

Script: Vasil Goranov
Director: Vasil Goranov
Cinematography: Vasil Goranov
Music: Kaloyan Ivanov

Cast: Slavi Penchev, Plamen Panayotov, Vasil Goranov, Bülent Arif, Alexandra Maydavska

Production: Katya Goranova, Vasil Goranov

A story about the times we live in, with thousands of vloggers and influencers looking for attention and appreciation in a world full of fake news and media; in a world where, thanks to new technologies, we have cut time, emotions and information into pieces, and the only thing we are left with is madness and simplification.

Festivals & Awards: Special Award for Achievement in The Cross-Section Category of the Red Cross and Health Films IF, Varna 2023; Sunflower Starship 1 was the winner of the 2017 Golden Rose for Best Short Film.

Vasil Goranov is an independent director who constantly experiments with the tools of film art to create original cinema, different from that made on a big budget and with enormous crews.