Bulgaria |
2022 |
16 мин.

Script: Angel Radev
Director: Angel Radev
Cinematography: Nenad Boroevich
Music: Valentin Stamov

Cast: Meglena Karalambova, Velizar Binev, Ventsislav Sariev

Production: Hot Potato – Noura Al Kadri

A young man receives a letter informing him of the death of his uncle. He travels to his house, only to discover that his relative has tried to burn it down in a fit of madness. In his uncle’s diary, he learns of his obsession with The Flying Dutchman, and comes across a mysterious box containing proof of his existence. The young man opens the box, not suspecting that, in doing so, he will unleash a terrible curse.

Festivals & Awards: 2022 ISFF BRNO16, Brno, Czech Republic; Burgas IFF 2023; 2023 Octopus IFF, Gdansk, Poland

Angel Radev is a film director and composer. His passion for silent cinema and experimental film led him to script and direct The Curse of the Dutchman. He is currently working at the Bulgarian National Film Archives as a film archivist, while simultaneously developing new projects. He is also a member of the Bulgarian Filmmakers Union.