THE HUNT FOR SALAMANDER (TV Show 13 eps. x 46 min.)

Bulgaria |
2021 |
46 мин.

Script: Alexander Chobanov, Vladislav Tinchev, Rosen Yordanov, Lilo Petrov
Director: Dimitar Dimitrov
Cinematography: Boris Slavkov, Vladimir Mihailov
Music: Maxim Eshkenazy

Cast: Julian Vergov, Ana Papadopulu, Elena Telbis, Hristo Petkov, Iva Mihalic

Production: Nova Broadcasting Group – Alexander Christov
Co-production: Albion Films

Supported by Nova TV, Overlock Entertainment

The plot revolves around a mysterious murder that leads to a tragedy with dramatic consequences in the lives of Inspector Kamen Petkov and his ex-wife, Senior Commissioner Ralitsa Petkova. The criminal cases in The Hunt for Salamander are outside the box, exploring the important themes of unconditional parental love, cruelty, revenge, retribution, forgiveness and greed.

Festivals & Awards: Best Series, BUEIFF Web Series (Buenos Aires); Best TV series, Istanbul FA; Best TV series, Madrid FA (IMDb qualified); Best TV series, Vegas MA; Best TV series/Best producer/Best TVFX, Rome IMA; Best TV series, Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA); Best Episodic TV Show, American FA; Best Picture/Original Story, FilmCon Awards.

Dimitar Dimitrov graduated in 2009 from Krastyo Sarafov National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts) in Sofia. In 2011, he attended a one-year, practical film-making course in London. After his return to Bulgaria, he made his first feature film, titled Corpse Collector, in 2015, when he was only 27 years old. He has also directed several prime-time TV series.