THE LAST SEAGULL (Documentary)

Finland/Norway/Bulgaria |
2023 |
72 мин.

Script: Tonislav Hristov, Kaarle Aho
Director: Tonislav Hristov
Cinematography: Orlin Ruevski
Composer: Petar Dundakov

Production: Making Movies, Finland – Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg
Co-production: UpNorth Film – Christian Aune Falch, Soul Food – Andrea Stanoeva

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

Ivan, a stud struggling with his own crisis, jobless, mired in alcoholism, surrounded by coarse women, is consumed by self-hatred. The film offers a rare and humorous look into the world of the desperate. A feature about the imagined European paradise, about rapid changes in sociopolitical life, about exploitation by a damaged system—all seen through the eyes of a broken man.

Tonislav Hristov studied Film Directing in Finland. He has directed several documentaries shown at prestigious festivals around the world, including Sundance FF; Berlin IFA, IDFA, and Hot Docs. His documentary, The Good Postman, was nominated for the European Film Awards; The Magic Life of V (2019) premiered at Sundance and Berlinale. The Good Driver (2022) is his first fictional film.