Bulgaria |
2023 |
15 мин.

Script: Yassen Genadiev
Director: Yassen Genadiev
Cinematography: Vesselin Hristov

Cast: Vladislav Stoimenov, Siyana Nacheva, Vladimir Zombori, Albena Koleva

Production: Menclips – Gergana Stankova

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center; Debuts Programme, National Culture Fund of Bulgaria

A dark autumn night. A provincial train has stopped in the middle of nowhere due to a technical failure. On board, everyone is as though competing in shouting for no good reason, apart from one silent man in his thirties, who is totally oblivious to the cacophony around him. When a special news bulletin appears on the screens in the carriage, and the unstable equilibrium between the passengers finally collapses, it is time for everyone to play their separate roles.

Yassen Genadiev graduated with an MA degree in Directing from the Lucchino Visconti Milan Film and Television School. He works as a film and TV director in Italy and Bulgaria. His previous short films—Rules, All About Rocky, Pauranoia and Little Talks—were selected and awarded by several international film festivals.