Bulgaria |
2022 |
90 мин.

Script: Viktoria Penkova
Director: Andrey Hadjivasilev
Cinematography: Bozhidar Simeonov
Music: George Strezov

Cast: Martin Paunov, Polly Ivanova, Boris Minkov, Raya Georgieva, Fani Uzunova, Yoan Stoykov, Dean Stoykov, Neda Spasova, Martin Ghiaurov, Lyben Chatalov, Nikolay Varbanov

Production: Incomes Project Ltd – Plamen Yordanov
Co-Production: Revive Vision Ltd – Andrey Hadjivasilev

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Aspiring young “inventor” Tony is working on a wireless electricity device inspired by the eccentric genius Nikola Tesla. Victor, the local scouts’ leader, who is jealous of Tony, decides to ruin his scientific attempts and win Raya’s affection, while she unravels the secret of the mystery werewolf roaming the nearby forest.

Andrey Hadjivasilev belongs to the new generation of contemporary Bulgarian directors. He has a BA degree in Film directing and a MA degree in Film producing from NBU Bulgaria. He has specialized in FAMU – Czech Republic and Falmouth University – UK.

Andrey loves working and spending time with kids, so the revival of the golden era of Bulgarian children’s movies has become a personal cause for him. He‘s a member of ECFA – European Children’s Film Association.