Bulgaria |
2022 |
21 мин.

Script: Velianna Kasheva
Director: Velianna Kasheva
Cinematography: Mladen Minev

Cast: Vladimir Dimitrov, Irinei Konstantinov, Ivan Barnev, Radosveta Vasileva, Rozaliya Abgaryan, Gergana Galabova, Vasko Petrov, Konstantn Kuchev

Production: No Blink – Nickolay Stoichkov, New Bulgarian University

Supported by the New Bulgarian University, the American Foundation for Bulgaria, G8 and the Nonconformist Alternative, Black Bros Film Sound, Bulgarian State Railways, National Railway Infrastructure Company; private sponsors: Slanchogled Shop, Harmonica, Yordanovi Art, The Architects House – Arbanasi, Sun Moon Restaurant, VB Studio

Victor departs on a train journey towards his dreams. He only has to get off at four stations in order to achieve his goal. Confident that nothing can go wrong, he slowly begins to realise that the train is taking a course of its own, and there is no turning back.

Festivals & Awards: selected for: Short Film Competition at the 2022 Cinelibri FF; 2022 Vasil Gendov Awards of the Bulgarian Filmmakers Union; non-competitive programme of the In the Palace ISFF, 2022; G8 Cinema & Non-conformist Alternative Award for Script (2017), Award for Script at the Students Competition of the American Foundation for Bulgaria (2017)

Velianna Kasheva acquired a Master’s Degree in Film and TV Directing at New Bulgarian University, in the class of Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov. She directed the shorts, Tracks of Time (her graduation project), Happiness on the Road, and Invisible. In 2022, she won the support of the National Film Center of Bulgaria for a debut documentary for her script of A Tale of New Times. Kasheva also directs for the digital documentary platform,