Spain/Bulgaria |
2022 |
92 мин.

Script: Avelina Prat
Director: Avelina Prat
Cinematography: Santiago Racaj
Music: Vincent Barrière

Cast: Ivan Barnev, Karra Elejalde, Alexandra Jiménez, Susi Sánchez, Sue Flack

Production: Distinto Films – Miriam Porte
Co-production: Activist 38 – Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center; ICA Cine Instituto Creativo Audiovisual Americano; Cultural Institute of Valencia; GVA Invat·tur; ICEC; Creative Europe MEDIA Programme; RTVE; TV3; Institut Ramon Llull; ICO; CREA SGR

Smart and charming Vasil is a first-class bridge and chess player, but lives on the streets of Valencia. To the astonishment of his daughter Luisa, Alfredo shelters him in his home for a while. Vasil and Alfredo have nothing in common apart from their passion for chess. Despite their differences, Alfredo gradually realises that Vasil has forever changed his life.
Festivals & Awards: SEMINCI de Valladolid 2022 Best Actor Award (ex aequo) (Karra Elejalde and Ivan Barnev); Golden Linden IFF 2023 Best Actor Award (Ivan Barnev); Berlanga Awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Acting, Best Original Score, Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound; 2023 Vasil Gendov Awards—nominated for Best Actor (Ivan Barnev); Gaudí Awards—nomination for Best New Director

Avelina Prat is a director, screenwriter and script supervisor from Spain. An architecture graduate, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in the world of film, working on the scripts of over 30 titles and also directing five short films placed on the festival circuit, such as 3/105, which premiered at the Venice FF in 2014. Vasil is her feature-directing debut.