Bulgaria |
2022 |
19 мин.

Script: Petr Grudov
Director: Petr Grudov
Cinematography: Zlatimir Arakliev
Music: Mario Balabanov

Cast: Petr Grudov, Simone Vitti, Tsveta Doycheva, Nelly Levi

Production: Petr Grudov

X moves between reality and fantasy. He tries to solve heartbreak as if it were a puzzle. He’s been hiding for so long he doesn’t recognize his own reflection staring back at him. He wakes to a sound.

Festivals & Awards: Best Bulgarian Short – Burgas IFF2022

Petr Grudov is a cofounder of Bulgarian lifestyle journal Boyscout (established in 2010), where he covered film, music and culture. He has performed as a contemporary dancer in Bulgarian and international dance pieces as well as in the short dance film “Glance From the Edge” by Kosta Karakashian and Stefani Handjiiska (2021).